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Darren Eastom - Don't (Cover)
Letter to J Cole (Tribute)  - T.Swain (producer: B.O.B Beats) - Dreamville
T. Swain

Letter to J Cole (Tribute) - T.Swain (producer: B.O.B Beats) - Dreamville Instagram: T.Swain Letter to J.Cole was produced by Just Lowe & King D Tha Problem. Video Production was done by Brock Eastom. The beat is used from B.O.B Beatz. Letter to J.Cole was written by me (Tyrell Swain). It was inspired from "Let Nas Down" by J.Cole. Some years back I was introduced to J.Cole's music and I connected to the words he was saying. His style reminded me of Tupac in a way because of the passion in raps and the intelligence he displayed when talking. This wasn't meant to nothing corny or anything, but real true deep appreciation. Hip Hop isn't the same right now. It's hard to come by rappers who speak about real shit in their music and hard to find an artist who I can connect with on a mental level. So I'm appreciative for the real music he puts out for his fans. My goal is to get this song to him or Dreamville. I have goals to someday touch the world thru music. It's won't be easy and I'm not looking for handouts, but an opportunity to do that. And I'm thankful for the great & real rappers who have paved the way for us lyricist type of rappers. Hopefully I can get this song to him or his record label. If not though it's all good. I won't stress about, but I'll keep pushing on until my goals are met. Thank you to everyone who listened. I truly appreciate you all. It means a lot to me. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud. And send me emails on what you think about the song and if you want to do a feature. Appreciate you all. Snow On Tha Bluff
So Long Ago
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