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About Frosty Pictures

On August 9th 2018, I had to do the hardest thing ever. I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 17 years. He taught me to believe in myself and fight for my dreams. When I first picked up a camcorder, he was there. When I learned how to edit, he was there. When I dealt with hard times, rejections, the loss of loved ones, and failure...well, he was there. I learned to believe in myself through all of these challenges and without a doubt he was by my side. After a rough year of health and losing who he used to be, I had to be by his.


Yes, he was a dog. But, if you have a pet, you understand the emotional connection that you have with them. I started Frosty Pictures sometime in middle school, because I was a dorky kid in love with his dog. But, this year, I realized how symbolic that name really is. Frosty Pictures is a company built on dreams and believing in yourself. My goal is to be able to create projects that mean everything to me. However, being a company built on passion, I also hope to help create projects for people that mean everything to them.


With Frosty Pictures, I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve gone on ghost hunts, interviewed people who have strong opinions about the government, and I’ve shot music videos for people who have dreams like me, and so much more.


Frosty Pictures is about living your life out loud, and believing in your brand and the things that matter to you. Then, taking all of those things and creating projects with genuine passion and purpose.


Frosty Pictures hopes to be a company that accelerates in creating cutting edge entertainment, inspiring advertisements, and lasting memories.


-Brock Eastom

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